Roofing Company in Amersham | Flat Roofing in Modern EPDM Rubber and GRP Fibreglass

Located in Ascot, Frella Roofing is a well-known roofing company in the town of Amersham, in Buckinghamshire. We offer a complete range of services in this area including installation of new roofs, roof replacement, roof repairs and leadwork replacement. Those with a leaking or rotted roofline can also use us to perform UPVC guttering, soffit and fascia replacements. As you can see, we’re a roofer offering a broad range of services, and our team is equally at home with pitched or flat roofing work.

It is flat roofing that we concentrate on for the duration of this page; this makes it a great place to start if you’re considering new roofs in this style, or require a flat roof replacement.

Older flat roofs surfaced with felt and bitumen combinations suffer from direct sunlight followed by fast changes to temperatures and weather conditions. In time, the felt starts to crack and leaves the property in need of roof repairs, if not roof replacement. This is where our roofing company can step in to help. A Frella roofer can replace flat roofing using a more modern version of felt with torch-on application, or we can install totally new roofs using EPDM rubber or GRP fibreglass.

Naturally, leadwork, soffit and fascia replacements could fall inside the job specification, as can the installation of guttering. When we offer you a free, no-obligation quotation for flat roofing work in Amersham, we do so with a keen eye on which material would work best for the job in hand. After all, not all new roofs have the same characteristics; cost can vary significantly, for example, making a particular type of roof replacement affordable and others less so due to current finances.

Here, we look at how EPDM rubber compares against GRP fibreglass for new roofs and roof repairs, two of the core business services we offer as the Amersham area’s go-to roofer.


EPDM rubber comes in pre-made rolls of different thicknesses and is ready to use. Our roofing company adheres EPDM to an OSB board deck then fits edges and trims to finish the installation off tidily. While an experienced DIY enthusiast might be OK with covering a porch or a shed roof, we think it is best to use a professional roofer when having EPDM rubber installed onto a home, either in the form of brand new roofs or a roof replacement.

Poor fitting causes major issues with flat roofing so, unless you have complete confidence in your abilities, leave the installation work to Frella Roofing. You will only end up spending more on unnecessary roof repairs if you don’t.

GRP fibreglass installations are more complex. Our contractors apply resin to the OSB board deck then cover this with fibre strand matting. After putting down a second layer of resin and leaving it to cure, our roofing company adds a topcoat. Like EPDM, GRP uses edges and trims for a much tidier finish.

After installing flat roofing in EPDM or GRP, we can address the leadwork or, if needed, a roofer will undertake guttering, soffit and fascia replacements in UPVC for customers in Amersham so that, as well as the roof, our work and our use of the most modern materials also protects the rest of the property.

Roof Repairs

New roofs made from EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass have long lifetime expectancies which our preferred manufacturers support with warranties of up to 20 years. Even the best materials wear down over time so, if you ever need roof repairs for an EPDM or GRP installation, our roofing company will be there to help. With EPDM, we can resolve small holes and tears with a repair kit. Only major issues caused by another roofer’s low-end installation work would need us to carry out a full roof replacement.

The use of GRP on flat roofing in Amersham also allows us to use repair kits specific to the brand, the manufacturer and the product quality.

Roof repairs shouldn’t really be needed at all with new roofs, inside the first 20 years; if they are, you have the manufacturer warranty to fall back on. Any leadwork, guttering, soffit or fascia replacements needed will be factored into your initial quotation, which we provide to you without charge or obligation.

We think you’ll be hard pushed to find another roofer, let alone a flat roofing company in the Amersham area to match our skills with EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass. So consider us for a roof replacement, or new roofs built from scratch as part of domestic and commercial developments.

For flat roofing services, including new roofs, flat roof repairs and leadwork, call 07775 449342. Our roofing company offers free, no-obligation quotations to customers in the Amersham area.