Guttering, Soffit and Fascia Replacements in Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale and a 50-Mile Radius of Ascot

Your property’s roofline consists of three vital components: the guttering, the soffits and the fascias. These components work together to protect homes from dampness and wet weather, and from birds during their nesting seasons. The roofline also enhances the aesthetic condition of your property. We find that most homeowners are blissfully unaware of how important the roofline is until the components rot or loosen and start falling away from the building.

Frella Roofing, based in Ascot, is your local specialist for guttering, soffit and fascia replacements. We undertake roofline repairs and replacements in the surrounding Amersham, Guildford and Sunningdale areas, and across all locations in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Unfortunately, homes with older timber soffits and fascias will fall into disrepair sooner due to water rotting the wood.

Our roofing company is here to help when you finally make the call to us.

To see examples of our previous guttering, soffit and fascia replacements in the local area, please take the time to visit our popular website gallery. We can fit new rooflines in UPVC with warranties of up to 20 years. Frella Roofing installs new components for rooflines on pitched and flat roofing structures.

Soffit Replacements

The soffits run beneath the fascias, allowing the interior roof space to properly ventilate. This protects your home against dampness and condensation, and your roof from the impact of the United Kingdom’s inclement weather. Our roofing company fits quality UPVC soffits to bridge gaps between the sidings and the roof edges, and to leave the overhangs of the roof looking tidier.

Because we undertake soffit replacements in Ascot, Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale and the surrounding areas using UPVC components, you benefit from a clean finish which, over time, will require little in the form of ongoing maintenance.

Fascia Replacements

Fascias are long, straight boards running alongside the roof’s lower edges to conceal and protect the rafters. Our fascia replacements, also undertaken in UPVC, carry the weight of the guttering components and have an excellent resistance to impact. Innovative ventilation forms a waterproof joint to help protect the roof and the walls while bird combs stop the potential for nesting.

Frella Roofing can combine fascia replacements with roof repairs to give the roofline a unified appearance in a choice of either flat or ogee designs. Call us today to request an initial inspection and a no-obligation quotation.

Guttering Replacements

The final part of the roofline is the guttering system. This consists of horizontal gutters which attach to the fascias, and vertical downpipes which channel rainwater runoff from the guttering into the underground drainage system. UPVC guttering offers a sculpted finish that matches the soffits and fascias, and it comes in attractive profiles to give the roofline a decorative aesthetic.

If you own a period property in Ascot, Amersham, Guildford and Sunningdale, or in any other location across the region, we can supply UPVC guttering in a choice of colours to match cast iron while still maintaining a contemporary style.

Guttering, soffit and fascia replacements restore the roofline’s condition and offer ongoing protection for at least 20 years based on the manufacturer’s warranty. With just a small amount of annual maintenance, however, you should find that your new UPVC roofline components will last for much longer.

For guttering, soffit and fascias replacements in all areas near Ascot, including Amersham, Guildford and Sunningdale, call our roofing company on 07775 449342. We cover a 50-mile radius of our home location.