Flat Roofing in Ascot | Covering Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale and all Surrounding Areas

Local homeowners recognise that flat roofs only have a limited lifespan and, if they have single-ply membranes or felt as a covering, these materials will fall into disrepair much sooner than modern alternatives. Frella Roofing is a reputable roofer from Ascot. We install new roofs, carry out roof replacement, and provide flat roofing repair services roofing using innovative systems which have expected lifespans of up to 50 years and manufacturer warranties of up to 20 years.

Areas covered by our roofing company include Amersham, Guildford and Sunningdale, but we also offer a full range of flat roofing services to customers across the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas. We also operate in parts of Surrey.

Most flat roofs require a certain amount of customisation when we replace or repair. During an initial visit to your property, a Frella roofer will survey your current installation, analyse any personal needs and requirements you might have, and produce a free, no-obligation quotation specifying the best product for the job. All quotations for new roofs and roof replacement include full costings for labour and materials.

We take a series of factors into account when planning flat roofing projects.

The Roof Deck

The deck of a flat roof is its foundation and is built to facilitate the load while making sure that the attachment method is suitable to the scope of the job. Where required to, a roofer will uplift the old deck and replace it with OSB boards. These are engineered panels with shaped wood strands.

During manufacture, OSB roof decks undergo treatment with waterproofed and heat-cured adhesives. It offers a similar level of performance to plywood. Our roofing company uses OSB boards of a high quality to create roof decks, the foundation of quality and long-lasting new roofs, and a vital stage in many roof replacement projects we undertake.


Flat roofing projects undertaken in Ascot and the surrounding Amersham, Guildford and Sunningdale areas follow all related parts of the UK Building Regulations. New flat roofs must have a U-value of 0.13W/m2K or lower. With existing flat roofs, we look for U-values of 0.18W/m2K or lower. Part L of the current UK Building Regulations defines each of the two figures for new and existing roofs.

The U-value of flat roofing measures the sum of thermal resistance based on the material layers which make up the installation’s physical structure.


Flat roofing isn’t completely flat. If it were, there wouldn’t be a way for water to disperse and it would pool. We build new roofs with a slight slope on the joists or, when we need to adjust the height of an existing installation, your roofer will form the slope on the supporting beams and purlins.

The slope allows surface water to run in the direction of the guttering system for dispersal. The technical name our roofing company applies to any flat roofing slope is a fall. The minimum fall angle is a ratio of 1 in 80 (0.72°).


The traditional hot application methods of yesteryear no longer have a place in the modern roofing sector. Instead, we swap out felt and bitumen systems to build new roofs with more sophisticated materials which offer solid performance, have better resistance to all types of weather, come with longer warranties, and last for many years.

We tie in the systems we use with the design aspirations of clients in Ascot and the surrounding areas, so we also build green roofs and roof terraces.

The most advanced flat roofing systems of the modern era include:

  • Torch-On Felt
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Liquid Rubber
  • GRP Fibreglass

Choose Frella as your roofer to help you make an informed choice on the best materials to use for new roofs, a roof replacement, or repair project in Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale or wherever in the surrounding areas that you happen to be. With long expected lifespans and the reassurance of a full manufacturer warranty, your flat roof really couldn’t be in better hands.

Contact our roofing company to arrange an inspection and quotation. Our location in Ascot gives us prompt access into all neighbouring counties.

For flat roofing services, call 07775 449342. Our roofing company offers free, no-obligation quotations to customers in Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale and a 50-mile radius of the Ascot area.