Leadwork in Sunningdale, Amersham, Guildford and the Surrounding Areas | Located in Ascot

One of the biggest problems a property owner faces is a leaking roof caused by weathering or damage to the leadwork. Left to chance, water ingress leads to dampness, mildew, mould and damage to the roof trusses. A large-scale leak could even cause damage to personal belongings. A key access point for water is between the joints, or from damaged or insufficient sealing around chimneys, parapet walls and skylights. Leadwork will channel water away from the joints for dispersal into nearby guttering and drainage systems.

Frella Roofing, located in Ascot, is a roofer specialising in leadwork for all surrounding Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas including Amersham, Guildford and Sunningdale.

Our roofing company can offer you remedial repair and replacement work as a preventative measure, to address leaks, or to make your property as weathertight and waterproof as possible. The price of replacing leadwork pales into insignificance when you compare it to the cost of reroofing an entire property because dampness, mildew and mould have taken hold.

Please contact us for a free inspection of your leadwork and a quotation.

The Benefits of Leadwork

Lead has the strength needed to create a long-term barrier against water penetration, but it also has a distinctive style that keeps your property in an attractive condition. Leadwork is also solid, so it can help improve sound and thermal insulation. If you own a property in Ascot with a loft conversion, or a home in the surrounding Amersham, Guildford or Sunningdale areas with a skylight, lead affords a series of aesthetical, functional and practical end-user benefits.

Although the purpose of leadwork is to make a roof completely waterproof, it is still an integral part of your property’s overall structure.

Lead flashing has excellent resistance to corrosion but, in the same way that constant changes to weather conditions and external temperatures cause damage to the roofing structure, leadwork is also at risk to the elements. If you suspect any compromises at all to lead flashing, our roofing company is here to repair or replace the damage on a timely and responsive basis.

A professional roofer will always use replacement flashing of a high quality.

Leadwork Repair and Replacement

Frella Roofing specialises in leadwork and can offer you a flexible range of supporting services at the same time we deal with the flashing. If there is only minor damage to the lead, we will perform a repair. If the situation has been left for too long and the leadwork has deteriorated to a point where a repair wouldn’t be practical or economical, we would replace it instead.

A central location in Ascot gives us fast access into Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale and the surrounding areas for those needing emergency roofing services.

As your trusted local roofer, we can repair or replace leadwork for the following:

  • Residential Properties
  • Listed Buildings
  • Period Properties
  • Historic Buildings
  • Public Properties
  • Members of the Trade

All lead repairs and replacements comply fully with BS EN 12588.

The team at Frella Roofing can offer leadwork services for pitched and flat roofing structures, and for properties which have had a loft converted or skylights added. We also repair or replace leadwork on porches, sheds and outdoor buildings, and at all points of your property up to the chimney.

With more than 20 years of trade and industry experience behind us, our roofing company is here to help keep you and your home protected.

For leadwork services, call a Frella roofer on 07775 449342. Our roofing company offers free, no-obligation quotations to customers in Amersham, Guildford, Sunningdale and a 50-mile radius of the Ascot area.