Roof Repairs in Ascot | Pitched Roofing, Flat Roofing, Leadwork and Roofline Replacements

Frella Roofing is your local specialist for new installations and roof repairs in the Ascot area. We can work on pitched or flat roofing, using the talents of a hardworking team to deliver results of a superior quality. Our reliable roofing company also repairs and replaces leadwork. It is our belief that roof repairs need a responsive approach so that dampness, mildew and mould can’t take hold as quickly and lead to costlier repairs a little further down the line.

Our roofing company also tends to your roofline, offering guttering, soffit and fascia replacements in durable UPVC. If an Ascot home has a timber roofline, we will recommend having it replaced at the earliest possible opportunity.

Here, we look at roof repairs in more detail and explain what Frella Roofing can do for you as a company, as a team of contractors, and as a friend.

Pitched Roof Repairs

Pitched roofing slopes downwards at an angle of roughly 20° from the central ridge and has a slate or tile surface. A lack of maintenance will be the most common reason for disrepair, and we recommend that you call in our roofing company to perform an inspection annually. We recommend an equivalent amount of time for flat roofing inspections. By checking the condition, we can see if slates, tiles, the leadwork or even the entire roof needs replacing.

Often, and especially after periods of high wind in the Ascot area, we might recommend roof repairs to set down dislodged slates or fallen tiles. This is work that we can do through your insurer, or for you directly as a new customer.

Pitched roofing has a more complex roofline than flat roofing so, if you need us to perform guttering, soffit or fascia replacements, we will do so in modern UPVC. The roofline protects your roof space from dampness and ventilates it too. It can also stop birds from nesting in the crawl space during breeding seasons. A UPVC roofline will have an approximate guarantee of 20 years.

Because Ascot is our hometown, we can offer you a responsive roof repair, leadwork and roofline service that we firmly believe is second to none.

Flat Roof Repairs

Surprisingly, you might find it more difficult to find a roofing company here in the local area that specialises in flat roofing and flat roof repairs. Slate and tile systems haven’t changed considerably over time. Installation materials designed for use on flat roofing have evolved significantly over recent years. What used to be a felt-and-bitumen solution has now given way to more solid surfaces such as torch-on felt, EPDM rubber, liquid rubber and GRP fibreglass.

If you have an older felt installation on a flat roofing structure in Ascot, we will give you a fair price for replacing it in one of our more modern materials. Our roofing company will also quote for any leadwork that needs doing, and we can also price you up for UPVC guttering, soffit and fascia replacements.

If an Ascot home already has an EPDM rubber or GRP fibreglass roof, we can perform patch repairs using kits which are specific to the surface material.

Frella Roofing has made flat roofing repairs something of an artform. Because we also replace leadwork, gutters, soffits and fascias, our company is a one-stop shop for complete roof repairs on structures of any kind. We look forward to meeting you, and to you becoming a part of our growing portfolio.

We’re the name to trust for roofing services in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

For pitched and flat roof repairs, and for leadwork and fascia replacements, call 07775 449342. Our roofing company offers free, no-obligation quotations to customers in the Ascot area.